The besotted structure Blooming with possibilities; The dreaded suture Mending the menacing reality. The draft has succumbed To the whispers of the morning sun, The cherry blossoms become The hope long forgotten. Saliently sailing into the new light Piercing through the blackened night, Riding the tides to the spirit of twilight, Irksome worries abandoned, forthright – Nestled and free to forge the flight past fright, … Continue reading Spring


Treading past the bottomless fog, To fall on flowery gravel – Twisted with the demagogue, Truth turns to mere babble. In the past that she destroyed, Indices formed the shrapnels. Irksome voices for their schadenfreude, Iridescent soul back in shackles. Miming the charades of the time past Measuring the frozen distance. Many a time, missing the cast, Mulling over tested persistence. Escaping from the other … Continue reading Time

Never-ending Curiosity

Wandering by the window – The soul of the symphony, Singing a merry melody, Thoughts twirling in a whirlwind. • Warmth of the chaos, Whispering through your soul, The elixir of bliss, Serenading through the fog. The clouds of confusion, Brimming like the froth, This insecurity we are a part of, Chiding our paths. Intoxicated in ethereal murk, Blinded by the possibilities – How is … Continue reading Never-ending Curiosity