I would recommend listening to Shackleton by Adam Young while listening to this because the poem was inspired by that song. Hope you like it! ^_^ Time to time, Sway with the drums The fingers Whispering through touch Rhythm rising with each second The world wound in the whorls Of petals. Beyond expectations, Merging with the skin – These lawless tunes Blending with the runes. … Continue reading Melody


Author’s Note: This poem is close to my heart. You got this 👊 Take a deep breathe. • Aimlessly wandering beacon of dread Nudging your thoughts, inducing palpitation instead ‘Xactly how did we get here? In the road of trepidation, tears and blood; Enguarde, this is the third response to threat, Trembling and fumbling, frozen brain – dud, Yelling and scrapping inside your skin – … Continue reading Anxiety


Dedicated to South Carolina and the Solar Eclipse 2017 Engulfed in these shadows The wrathful winds change their pace, The lights turn their facades, As magic annihilates the skies, Sunset in the midst of those who reside, Sparkling flares in the midst of the tides; Come, feel the Spring Amidst the summer In these lands where Life is silenced And renewed The truth fiddling past … Continue reading Totality

Shades of Green

Open your heart, As the waves come crashing, Soothe the strikes, With this shade everlasting – The green, forever forgiving. Seldom grips your rationality, This beautiful love Of the green seething. Blend it with a mix of yellow and trust, Bountiful shall your life be as such. In the middle of the night, The magic flows with this wondrous green, Stay and grasp, the surreptitious … Continue reading Shades of Green

Morning II

A warm embrace, Suddenly, the cold breeze graces By in this strangely serene space. The impish golden rays Unbound and free, As they sparkle where the shingles lay, A disappearing act, In an alluring pace; Good morning, The chaos recedes for another day, The dewdrop remain in their gentle state, A boderless hum, As you bound around, Live long and prosper, The world remains, profound. Continue reading Morning II

Two face

The lullaby drifting through twilight. The clash of gold and its cold-ridden kin, Many a times muddled with no distinction, A fine balance is non-existent; Deceptive in its everlasting grin. The clouds dancing in the grey. The tides of the stars riding the wind, Reminders from time and time again; To repeats we are aforebound, Yet riddled with a glimpse of kindness among all things … Continue reading Two face