Burning to fly, Rising from the ashes And learning – With each fall, Pleading with the next one To rise. In the darkest Hour, with each twilight Bust into flames And be reborn, More alive Than destiny claims. Poet’s note: Dear reader, have you ever sat in a darkened room and just crying yourself? Hopeless? People say it makes you stronger, eventually. For now, I’ll … Continue reading Phoenix

Between the cracks

There are demons, Before your very eyes, Passing by, A spark of anger Whenever they rise, Blinding the brilliant light, Busting through the hearth of a child, What do you do? Mutiny, Malice in your heart Ruptures the black – Paint it red And paint it wide; There is a shadow That flows with time, Break the bonds And scream. Mage of the dark, Do … Continue reading Between the cracks


Dedicated to every fellow being with wanderlust. In a minute – Hear the thumping of the beat; Heart and eyes Seduced into a senseless agony Dance with his shadows, Pleasure shattering her very soul Day and night. Travelling from land to land Can’t find her, the chase Is impossible to bear, In his arms, Spinning to the swing of Juno. One second turns to a … Continue reading Juno

Find yourself

NOTE: I would recommend listening to Yuri on Ice by Taro Umbeyashi while reading this poem! In the beginning A bit of dew descends On the charred soul An unknown force, reborn; Blue winged beautiful sky Blasted with the insecurities; Rising from the pitch black dark, I see the moon and stars, Dancing to my tune. In that moment, How did the flowers conquer my … Continue reading Find yourself