I would recommend listening to Shackleton by Adam Young while listening to this because the poem was inspired by that song. Hope you like it! ^_^ Time to time, Sway with the drums The fingers Whispering through touch Rhythm rising with each second The world wound in the whorls Of petals. Beyond expectations, Merging with the skin – These lawless tunes Blending with the runes. … Continue reading Melody

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story. Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes, To the everlasting lands of flora and fae, In an island and a forest with an Enchanting waterfall, leaves abode, Afloat as the dew dwindles down From the hearth in the clouds. She rises from the depths of dawn, Enamored by … Continue reading Maya: incomplete